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7 Secrets To Losing 7 Kgs in 21 Days

TLS 21 Day Challenge

Below are 7 Important Steps Towards Healthy Weight Management:

(1) Detoxification

Detoxification & Cleansing can help you with the following:

- Remove Toxins from the Body

- Prevent Chronic Disease

- Enhance Immune System

- Slow Premature Aging

- Improve Quality of Life

- Increase Energy

- Improve Skin Quality

- Mental & Emotional Clarity

- Restore Balance to your Body’s Systems

- Kick Start Weight Loss Efforts
- Develop New Healthy Lifestyle

(2) Low Glycemic-Impact Eating

-It’s about eating right not eating less

-Supports a healthy heart

-Helps to lose and control weight

-Supports normal blood sugar & cholesterol levels

-Assists the body to burn fat

-Improves energy & helps prolong physical endurance

(3) Body Composition

•The body functions best when it consists of the proper proportion of muscle, fat, organs and bone.

•Transitioning from a Fat Storing Lifestyle to a Fat Burning Lifestyle

•Weight loss vs. Fat loss

•A balanced exercise program – Cardiovascular, Strength & Flexibility

(4) Science-based Supplementation

•Working with your body to enhance your overall health

•Designed to help while adopting a new healthy lifestyle

•Accelerators to enhance weight management

(5) Education

You will learn:

• how to eat and not just what to eat

•how to eat for life but realises what’s right for someone else may not always be right for you

•how to build your body the right way

•Results: (behavior modification - being aware and changing unhealthy behaviours for life)

Other Topics:
- Gluten Sensitivity

- Mindset & Self Confidence

- Food Addiction

- Appetite Control

(6) Coaching & Accountability

- The coaching process helps people develop their capacity to think about things in new and creative ways so that they can accomplish what they want to accomplish.

- Coaching helps people stay ready. It starts with a willingness to be held accountability, to have someone support you prepare for what you know you must do.

(7) Online Tools & Resources

To find out more, go to my online coaching website here

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