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Take The Focus Off of Food


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Are You Obsessed with Food?

Are you obsessed with food? Do you find it hard to take your mind off of food? Imagine going through the day being fully present at what you’re doing mindfully, feeling calm, relaxed, and focused, how much more pleasant and peaceful your life would be.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you’ve probably experienced food cravings. What usually happens is that your food cravings get so intense that you eat something sweet or something you like in order to relieve the pressure. At this point, some people consider that they have blown it, so they might as well finish the whole pack or container of whatever they’re having, and they start binging.

If you’ve ever felt guilty about this vicious cycle, you may feel relieved to learn that it’s actually quite a natural process and that food cravings cannot be fully avoided.

How to Take Focus Off Food?

Below are the most important steps I recommend you to follow to overcome food obsessions:

1. How You Eat, Not What You Eat
- Eating is not a sport, despite the pace with which many rush down food. Studies have shown that those who eat quickly tripled their risk of becoming overweight compared to their slower-eating counterparts.
- Be fully appreciate each bite, and enjoy the satisfaction of savoring. When it comes to food, quality and mindfulness often reduce the need for quantity.
- Rather than focusing on what you should and should not eat, focus on creating quality dining experiences. Try replacing restrictions with requirements. It may be the “ingredient” your diet is missing.

2. Learn to Control Cravings
There is a difference between cravings and hunger. You want to keep eating out of hunger. Hunger is a very natural desire. Cravings are not. The key is to stop dieting and start changing your lifestyle, and eating home-cooked meals whenever possible, and try to drink enough water in between meals. If cravings keep coming back over and over and you just feel like giving up and indulging them, accept that you’ll have to learn to take care of yourself and your emotional needs differently. It’s easy and very pleasant.

3. Stop Eating When You Are Not Hungry

Try to feel when you’ve had enough. Eat only when you’re hungry. From now on, this should be your number one goal, because it’s the simplest and fastest way to lose weight without trying. You may face some challenges for a short time, but think of the joy and self-confidence next time you look at yourself in the mirror and see that you have lost weight and become healthier. Won’t that feel wonderful?

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