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Don't Wait ! Join the TLS 7-8-28 Challenge

TLS Weight Management Solution focuses on conditioning your body from the inside out— retraining your mind and body to think healthier. TLS gives you everything you need to meet, and maintain your weight management and wellness goals!

TLS 7-8-28 Challenge - 7 Days of Detox. 8-Week Commitment. 28 Workouts. 

Are you ready to Spring into healthier habits? Do you need some accountability while doing so? 

Gather some workmates, friends or family and let’s get started. Mark your calendars for the TLS 7-8-28 Challenge. It’s the perfect time to re-set and re-start a healthy routine. This program is open to everyone – the public, our existing customers, Health Coaches and Trainers and Business Owners. We will be sharing videos with tips, resources, recipes and more on a daily basis. Please contact me for more information.

Purchase is required to participate. We’re encouraging our group to purchase our beloved 30-Day Jump-Start Kit or a minimum of $150 in TLS branded products. To receive your products in time for our start date of Monday the 20th  September – be sure to order before 13th September. 

Join our private Facebook group here. You will be required to answer the membership questions after requesting to join in order to be admitted – be sure to request to join right after you order your products. Have your order number on hand, we will be verifying them. Approval and admittance into the group will begin 1 week prior to our start date 

To learn more about TLS and this promotion plese watch this overview video here. 

Whether you are looking to get back on track, lose some unwanted weight, keep your current TLS momentum up or enhance your existing health routine, the TLS 7-8-28 Challenge is a perfect way to launch your goals and get the results you desire. We are excited and cannot wait for it to begin!  There is power in a group doing something together at the exact same time, creating community, accountability and of course, fun. Remember, you are worth it!

It’s never too late to be great, join the 7-8-28. 

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