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Five Dimensions Of Holistic Health

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There are five dimensions of health I want you to be aware of and for you to consider to live an optimal healthy and wealthy life. These five dimensions are the spiritual dimension, physical dimension, emotional dimension, mental dimension and social dimension.

There is a proven parallel between health and wealth. Understanding this parallel will help you find more energy to do what you love. Let’s have a look briefly at each of these five dimensions and how they're related to one another.

Spiritual Dimension – Well-being of your spirit

Spiritual health relates to our sense of overall purpose in life. This purpose is found through our values, belief and faith. Having a purpose can help us to maintain a proper perspective and overcome challenges in life. Often people who are spiritual meet together regularly to spend time in worship, prayer, scripture, reflection and meditation, which also helps to improve their social health.

Physical Dimension – Well-being of your body

The physical dimension of health refers to the bodily aspect of health. Most would think of it as the absence of disease and illness. However, optimal health is a lot more than that. It is a complete physical well-being, with resourceful ways to improve the bodily health such as healthy eating, fitness, nutritional supplements and rest etc.

Emotional Dimension – Well-being of your soul

What about emotional health? Emotional health is confidence, it’s attitude, its ability to appreciate and root for your friends, it’s about your mood and emotional state. It relates to your ability to recognise and express feelings, emotions and maintain a realistic perspective on situations. It’s about your ability to realize your potential as an individual. Emotional and mental health are closely connected.

Mental Dimension – Well-being of your mind

Mental health is a self-awareness. It’s understand who you are relative to the rest of the world. It refers to the cognitive aspect of health. It refers to our ability to use our mind, brain and thinking. This may include solving problems or to recall information. text here.

Social Dimension – Well-being of relationships

When you see people that are well. What do you see? You see that they are socially connected to each other. The social dimension of health refers to our ability to make and maintain meaningful relationships with others. Good social health includes having rich connections with people around us, including family, friends, social networks, and community. Social health requires that you don’t feel alone.

All these dimensions are not separate entities. They are all intersecting. It’s all these balls that you have to intersect. And you have to think about them every single day. If you don’t work on discovering the parallel between your different health dimensions and the material world, you will continue to perhaps hide away, feeling lonely, socially isolated, continuing to spiral down to adrenal fatigue, stress, burnout, exhaustion. Even if you are successful, you are not happy and you are unfulfilled. And worst of all, it manifests an illness in your life.

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