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Growing Rich in Relationship

Social Well-Being

Well-being of Relationship

Do you have a healthy social network of family, friends, support network and a community of folks that you hang out with regularly? If not, it’s time to start building these kinds of relationship.

The social dimension of health refers to our ability to make and maintain meaningful relationships with others. Good social health includes having rich connections with people around us. Social health requires that you don’t feel alone and isolated.

Social Health

Health is about balance and that includes your body, mind and your social circles. Our social health is an important part of our total wellness. In this day-and-age, it’s very easy for us to just hide behind our computer. But high-tech and high-touch are both important for communication, and building connection. Our relationships with our family, friends, community, and people in our world, including our spouse, children, extended family, church family, neighbours, co-workers, business partners, associates and even strangers, contribute to our social wellness.

Social health is your ability to form satisfying interpersonal relationships with others. Making emotional connection with people around you brings an abundance into your life that money can’t match.

Rich In Relationship

Real connection is a journey that requires commitment and discipline to nurture. It is very important to take the initiative to get out there, network and connect with the world. There is no doubt that everyone reading this article understands the importance of connection. We are all inter-connected some ways. Being mindfully aware of these connections opens our eyes in a way that we can see the sheer richness and miracle of all Creation and how each part fits together perfectly with the next to make an exquisite whole. And we are wealthy!

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