“Happiness is not a goal...it's a by-product of a life well lived.” - Eleanor Roosevelt
The World Health Organisation estimates that depression is currently the fourth biggest and most debilitating disease in the world, and by the year 2020, it will be the second biggest. One in ten people will at some point seriously consider or actually attempt suicide.

What are Emotions?

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thought and reaction to the situation.

What are emotions? Emotions are like the weather. They ebb and flow. If you’re able to master your emotions, then you’re able to master your life. The emotional triad includes the following 3 areas:
(1) Physiology: Emotion is created by motion, which enables us to take action.

(2) Focus: Whatever you focus on, you feel.
(3) Language: You’re the source of all your emotions, your language creates them.

The truth is, you can feel any emotion you want by deciding to feel it. Happiness is a choice. We feel happy because of how we interpret each situation and the meaning associated with it. Emotional health is the ability to understand ourselves and cope with the challenges life can bring. The ability to acknowledge and share feelings of not only happiness and joy, but anger, fear, frustration, sadness or stress in a productive manner contributes to our emotional wellness.

Activities that Improve Emotional Health

The follow three activities can improve our emotional health:

  • Engage in more activities that you enjoy. At home and at work, seek out more fun, enjoyable and challenging experiences in which you “lose yourself,” experiencing what researchers call "flow".
  • Count your blessings. Express gratitude and be content with what you have, through contemplation, or how your appreciation to people whom you’ve never properly thanked. 
  • Take care of your mind and body. This includes working on your mindset, eating healthily and exercising. Your body and mind are intrinsically linked and inter-connected. Your actions are affected by the thoughts you have, and the things you tell yourself. So, if you want to transform yourself, you’ve got to deal with your mindset, including your thoughts, your excuses, your beliefs and your self-sabotaging paradigms. If you change your mind, you will change your body!

What are your values?

Happiness is the state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values. Knowing your values is like unlocking a chamber of happiness because you can identify at any time in your life that which makes you happy and that which makes you sad. So what are values? They are the DNA of your soul which is ingrained within us. Somewhere within your heart has the answer. Your values are the building blocks of the type of life you truly want. They will serve as the light that illuminates your path in life. And by having that light, your will discover your way to happiness, hence a rich, full and meaningful life that gives you a powerful sense of vitality and fulfillment. On that note, cheers to your happy cocktail!

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