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Health is an important asset

Health is one of the most important assets we have. No matter what your goals are, health should be a part of it. If we don't have a healthy body or a health mind it is harder to maintain a life of abundance. Did you know that you hold the power to really shape your health, wellness and fitness through the food you eat, the exercise you do, and the supplements you take.

It's very important for you to consider what your health goals are. When we talk about health goals, it's not only just about our physical health, we also need to consider our spiritual mental, emotional health, mental health, and social health as well.


To be healthy holistically, it is important to detox both your body and your mind by removing the toxins in your body and the negative thoughts in your mind.

Detoxification helps you to accelerate your weight loss and wellness goals. The frequency of your participation in terms of detoxing your body will depend on your particular needs. For me personally, I have this nutri clean 7-day detox program that I do at least once a year, where it actually helps me to flush down the toxins in my body. Some people prefer to detox up to 3-4 times a year, but it's really recommended that any one of us should participate in a detox program at least once or twice a year.

It's also necessary for us to detox our mind, because there are always negative thoughts that come into our mind when we are actually reaching for goals, particularly for weight loss goals and wellness goals. And so what we need to do is really think about affirmations. Affirmations are a very important part of our life, giving us a positive injection of mind, so that whatever we want to achieve, we can actually do that. So in terms of detoxing our mind, what that requires is basically for us to really reduce, if not totally eliminate the negative thoughts and feelings in our mind and also engage in the activities that are possible and also positive to us.

Believe In Yourself

Remember if you have a weight loss battle, or if you actually want to become fitter and healthier, it's really not only about thought, it includes your whole body, your mind and spirit. Remember this, you deserve to be healthy, well and fit and you're capable of achieving any goal you desire, with a bit of hard work obviously and you need to focus intensely on the task at hand in order to have an action plan to do it. You also need to believe in yourself. Believing in yourself and also knowing that if there is a will there is a way, that is important. You're worth it and you can do it.

Health & Wellness Programs

I'm currently facilitating various TLS (transition lifestyle system) health and wellness programs both online and offline. You can learn more about it at my website here. Please feel free to contact me if I can help you in any way. :) x

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