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How to Burn Fat With Walking

Are you walking in the fat burning zone?

Walking is a great cardiovascular and fat burning exercise. Brisk walking for 45 minutes mobilizes the body to dip into fat reserves and burn stored fat. It is especially good for burning visceral fat, which is the internal fat around the organs, that not only contributes to your waistline but also raises your risks for diabetes and heart disease.

To burn fat while walking, you need to walk fast enough to increase your heart rate, and walk long enough that you are burning stored fat rather than just burning off the sugars your body stores for quick bursts of exercise.

How to Walk to Burn Fat?

You need at least 45 minutes of walking to get your body to burn stored fat. The warm up at an easier pace is an important part of the workout. By spending the first 10 minutes at the lower end of your target heart rate zone you burn off stored blood sugar and deplete the ready energy stores in your muscles. This signals your body that you are going to be doing a longer exercise session rather than a short burst. As a result, your body gets ready to start burning stored fat. If you were to simply start out at your fastest pace, your body wouldn't get this signal.

If you're a beginner, you should build up your walking time and speed gradually. Start with 15 minutes per day, five days per week, then increase your walking time by five minutes per session each week.

Tools for Fat Burning

You don't need to spend much money to enjoy a fat-burning walk.

  • Heart Rate Monitors: To be sure you are exercising a moderate intensity, it is wise to take your pulse as a check. A heart rate monitor can give accurate readings continuously.
  • Walking Shoes: To walk comfortably at a brisk pace and reduce risk of injury, get fitted for the right shoes at a running shoe store in your area. Often, you will find that flat and flexible running shoe models will work best.
  • Brisk Walk: Learn how to use the right arm motion and foot strike to walk briskly and boost your heart rate.

To learn more about how exercise can improve your overall health and weight management, please feel free to contact me.

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