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How To De Stress & Ease Your Anxiety

Relax & Put Things In Perspective

We all feel a little anxious at times. It’s a normal reaction to the more stressful events of our lives, such as a job interview, a driving test or say, a global pandemic.

Mindfulness can help us to unhook from our anxious thoughts and calm our nervous system. It teaches us to rest our attention in the present moment and let go of being pulled around by unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

It is easy to succumb to fear in the face of uncertainty and unpredictability, yet experts insist there is still room for a bit of optimism. A new study shows that often-milder cases, while prolific, are about half as infectious as confirmed ones.

Identify Where Your Stress Comes From

We are hard-wired for a fight-or-flight response. The greater the stress, the more you will see individuals stuck in fighting and blaming on one hand, or distancing and cutting off on the other. If we can identify our anxiety-driven reactivity and where our stress comes from, we can get some distance from it, rather than being propelled into action before we have calmed down enough to do our best thinking.

Let's Talk About How To Destress

Here is a virtual workshop that I did with my team that shows some good techniques and products that can help you handle your stress and anxiety.

Please feel free to contact me if you need further support, or have question about the clip.

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