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Say no to foodless foods

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Foodless Foods & Plague

Cancer is the body's natural auto-genic self-healing system responding to try and keep you alive in spite of your ignorant and or weak willed self !

Here is an example, say you are diagnosed with stomach cancer. Each of your cells has a job from muscle cells, to eye cells and blood cells. They are all constantly working and they will do the job no matter what.

The stomach cells have a job of producing mucous to protect the stomach lining from the acid that other cells make in order to digest the food you eat. However, the foodless foods like doughnuts, soda pop, processed white flour, synthetic and processed sugars etc... create plaque sludge that cells don't recognise.

The plaque could become lodged onto the lining of the stomach, covering some of the mucous producing cells if it isn't removed by water and fiber from wholesome whole foods and walking. Cells often lose their ability to perform their tasks when they are coated in plaque.

Cancer & Tumour

NOW get this! A cell will do what a cell's gotta do to do this job; they never slouch. For example, supposed that daily, a cell is to make "X" amount of mucous. This mucosal lining is to completely replace itself every three to five days. Say, though, that this particular cell is blocked by plaque and can only product 5% of the "X" mucous. This cell then will go into mitosis to make 20 other cells so that it can get the job done. The 20 new cells will be doing the same job as the original cell, but they will also be covered with plaque from the original cell.

This means that they too, will divide themselves into 20 more cells each in order to accomplish their job. So, that means there will be 400 new cells trying to get the job of the first cell's task of "X" amount done. This is what we call Cancer or your cells trying to protect you.

Then what will happen is the autoimmune and self-healing intelligence of other specialised cells will see what is going on and move into the area in order to build a room. This room will contain the flow of plaque being renewed every day by the foods being eaten lie foodless foods and lifeless drinks, supplements and medications. This room will also try to contain the cells trying to keep up their assigned task. We call this room a Tumor. Really, it is brilliant, self-containment area for disabled cells and toxic sludge.

The Simplest and Best Solution

  1. Stay away from foodless foods and drinks that create the plaque.
  2. Make sure to get ample fresh air, clean water, sunshine, walking and intact whole foods to remove the thick catarrhal plaque that led to the problem in the first place.  Then the tumor is no longer needed so that body slowly empties its contents into the metabolic cold fusion furnace for disposal and elimination.  Life is good and health returns; so Cancer is your friend, plaque is not.
  3. All medication add to the plaque.  No plaque = No worms.
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