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My Book Dream Is Coming True! :)

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After about eight years since I had the idea of writing a book, I finally took the leap to do it this year. Transforming from being an employee to being an entrepreneur, the last few years had been challenging but full of learning expereinces.

"One Day I'll Write A Book" was actually on my journal years ago, and being an author is on my bucket list. Well that one day will come when I can tick that item off my bucket list this year :)

My first book "Juggling Health & Wealth - How to Keep All Your Balls in the Air Successfully" is on its way. Being an author and having a book published has always been something I wanted to do. Well that time is NOW.


I was born and raised in Hong Kong up to high school after which I immigrated to Melbourne, Australia. I didn't speak much English and found it challenging in the beginning to fit into the new country and culture. My enthusiasm to learning allowed me to settle after a couple of years into this Great Southland Downunder.


I have a heart disorder history, was born with a hole in my heart, which was an actual hole in the walls separating the heart chambers, congenital heart defects at birth which requires surgery to fix. Because of that, my self-image as a young girl was always lacking. My dad was a wealthy successful business man but he was not healthy. Sadly he died of cancer when I was only 16 years old. As a result of these experiences, 'health' was something I always valued and treasured. So I took it upon myself to study about the dimensions of health (physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual).


Fast forward to about ten years ago due to heavy workload and stress I found that I was constantly juggling different areas of my life. I experienced burnout. Even though I was very successful with my career, that meant nothing because I couldn’t sleep properly, my relationships and social life suffered and I constantly felt fatigued and overwhelm.

I took time out and do some trainings in health and nutrition. With the tools and resources I learned from those, along with my psychology background and the help of my business mentors I started my lifestyle coaching business specializing in wellness and weight management.


Today my mission is to help people juggle health and wealth, and keep all their balls in the air successfully. I'd like to make a difference and add value to busy professionals and successful business owners, and help them understand how they can have wealth, without sacrificing their health. I'm launching a program to help my clients in all 5 dimensions of health while igniting the 5 pillars of wealth. Stay tuned....


If you'd like to order "Juggling Health & Wealth" - to be released first week of August 2017, you can do so through the link on this website here

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