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What makes you feel whole and real and authentic? What makes you feel connected to others? What gives you life purpose and passion? What gives you meaning and hope? The answers to these questions point to what matters most to you. Your inner strength and wisdom can be invaluable to your healing and survival in times of crisis and challenge.

Spirituality is a dynamic and intrinsic aspect of humanity through which a person seeks ultimate meaning, purpose belonging, hope and experiences to self, family, others, community, society, nature and God. Spirituality for many is a deeply transformative experience.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health relates to our sense of overall purpose in life. This purpose is found through our values, belief and faith. Having a purpose can help us to maintain a proper perspective and overcome challenges in life. Often people who are spiritual meet together regularly to spend time in worship, prayer, scripture, reflection and meditation, which also helps to improve their social health.

Many factors contribute to good spiritual health. Spirituality is a university phenomenon, and one of the domains of holistic health. We all have the responsibility to our own spiritual health care.

To me, an important component of spiritual health is practicing the presence of God, it has to be coming from a close and intimate relationship with the Creator. Just as a parent treasures every expression of affection from a beloved child, so too is God touched by our every expression of loving devotion. Devotion is acknowledging God’s presence, with the ultimate goal of living our lives to glorify and honour Him.

As with human relationships, the dynamics of a spiritual connection with God will vary from person to person. When our intentions are pure to want to strengthen our relationship with God, that’s what makes our lives rich! We also know that practising deep connections is a crucial step in our spiritual growth. We receive guidance from God that couldn’t possibly have randomly crossed our path. It could be that we meet just the right person to partner with or to help each other grow through the most unlikely of circumstances. Instead of seeing these things as unrelated random acts and that we just happen to be lucky, see the entire realm of possibilities we can experience. Connecting with God and the people around us help us to understand that we are never alone, add joy and meaning to our lives.

Richness in Spiritual Life

I believe that richness in spiritual life is very much connected to transformation and our journey inward. The journey of the soul and the spirit is very much connected to our live purpose, because in today's world, many people seem to be going through a lot of disorder within and there is anxiety and stress and little growth in terms of our daily living. Many of us need to be reconnecting with the more spiritual aspects of life, because spiritual life is an extremely important part of our lives. And life is a progressive and ongoing journey of process and transformation, from within.

You're actually spiritual beings learning to be human and if you have not discovered the importance of spiritual life or God's plan for your life, I think its' a good idea to really start thinking through your spirituality, your spiritual life and how you can connect with the divine guidance. So this inner world or private world or spiritual life must govern the outer world of nativity. It's very easy for us to just go through the motion of our day to day activities and forget about nurturing and ordering our private world, our spiritual being.

I would like to encourage you to think through what it means to live a life from the centre, a divine centre, because each one of us can live a life of amazing peace, serenity and power. Also of integration and confidence, as long as we tap into this inner power and spiritual life. Because we are all unique creations made in the image of God and as such we need to ask ourselves the question, what would you like your imprint on this world, your legacy to be? What are your thoughts and longings for this life? Do you long to build a very significant friendship and conversation with God until you have your life purpose? Do you have true joy and happiness, peace of mind? Are you conquered by fear or do you have freedom from fear? Do you have the attitude of gratitude? Do you give thanks to the blessings that you have in life? Do you count your blessings?

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