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TLS 21 Day & Feel Great in 8

Feel Better, Look Better, Live Better

Your Guide To A Healthy Weight

I always try products before I recommend them to people. I started the Transitions Lifestyle Solutions with the TLS 21-Day Challenge, and feel great in 8. It was extremely beneficial for my waist line. In the end, I lost four inches on this system, and reduced my metabolic age by 5 years!!! And now I'm offering these solutions to my clients.

The TLS Programs

TLS is a weight management system that has been in place since 2005 and has scientific studies to back up the results. It focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles. The system itself is predicated on four factors:

  1. Low glycemic impact eating
  2. Body Composition
  3. Supplementation as needed
  4. Education (which is available either in book form, in person, or online).

There is a printed spiral bound manual entitled “Create Your Own Success, TLS Health Guide and Journal”, which I highly recommend. Research shows that any weight management program is more successful when you document throughout the day what you are eating. This journal provides spaces for this and also offers areas to log completed exercises and questions. It provides 12 chapters of reading materials that teach you how to read labels, handle stress, improve metabolism and many other lifestyle skills that will help you become a healthier version of yourself in 12 weeks. I really enjoyed logging things every day, and I am quite surprised if I can’t come up with a response to the prompt “one thing I did for myself today”.


The TLS 21 Day Challenge is a 21 Day Challenge to improve your health and eliminate unwanted weight and body fat using the proven. Science based TLS Weight Loss Solution. Do you know anyone that needs to lose 5-9 kgs (10-15 pounds)?

It is for individuals that need to lose 5-9 kgs (10-15 pounds) in the right places and get it done now. The TLS 21 Day Challenge begins when you and any friends and family want to make it happen. That is the beauty of the 21 Day Challenge, it begins when you and your group are ready to go. It begins with Phase 1 , a 7 day detox and cleanse to help repair your metabolism and reset your taste buds to enjoy new favorite foods. This is followed with Phase 2, where we focus on shredding the fat away. You will absolutely love the results. We don't count calories , we don't give you containers for serving sizes, we don't give points, we just direct you to the right foods. And your body turns into a fat burning machine. Are you ready to take the TLS 21 Day Challenge?

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