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Juggling Health + Wealth Workshop

Blueprint For True Balance

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What's the point in having a successful career if you are not able to enjoy the fruits of your labour? Many high level female entrepreneurs and business owners are achieving excellence in their relevant fields but are constantly tip toeing the line of burnout and not tapping into their full potential. Tapping into your full potential means being able to do more in less time, achieving business goals without sacrificing sleep, relationships and other interests.

This interactive workshop is hosted by health coach and nutrition specialist Kitty Cheng who also has a background in psychology whilst setting up many successful businesses herself. It is designed to help you learn how to work smarter not harder all whilst utilising the tools of nutrition and healthier habits as your catalyst.

By the end of the workshop some key takeaways will be:

(1) A sense of overall purpose
(2) Understanding of Optimal Holistic Health
(3) Ability to recognise and express emotions
(4) Self-awareness and mindful living
(5) The Importance of Being Socially connected
(6) The Abundance mindset
(7) Manifestation: Think Yourself Rich
(8) Using your "Inner Compass"
(9) Experiencing a Zest for life
(10) Finding "The One Thing"

This workshop is run monthly from 9am - 1pm of every month in 2018, as follows:
8th March, 5th April, 24th May, 7th June, 12th July, 9th August, 6th September, 11th October, 8th November, 6th December. ALL WELCOME!

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