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Water and Fasting

Optimal Health

I have been a health coach specializing in weight management for four years now. Among the important factors in maintaining health and wellness which I had shared in my previous blogs here and here, one of the most important yet most neglected is to consume water in a restorative means. Water can literally transform your life, even more so if you are fasting.

The Correct Strategy to Drink Water

We consume water everyday, yet why is it that some individuals appreciate good health from drinking water whereas others do not? The response is: there is strategy to drinking water!

Many people don't drink enough water. Besides being a basic part of our body cells, water also perform many functions. As an example it preserves an adequate flow around and also in between cells, as well as participates in lots of chemical features in the cells. Eg: Water distributes nutrients and carries wastes from our body, including contaminants.

It's highly recommended that you drink lemon water due to the fact that the acid in lemon improves metabolism, food digestion and the vitamin C in lemon aids in removing the bowels. Making lemon water is very easy, just include the juice of one or half a lemon to one litre of water. A great practice is to obtain a one litre water bottle and also bring it with you so you can consume water anytime of the day.

Fasting For Spiritual & Spiritual Health
The concept of fasting, the abstinence from food, can be daunting. Our digestion system has two main functions – taking in nutrients and also self-healing through detoxing. The reason that our body accumulates waste is because our digestion system cannot effectively take care of both functions at the same time.

Fasting has been practiced for spiritual health, as in the case of Daniel when he “ate no pleasant bread…neither flesh nor wine” (Daniel 10:3). Jesus Himself had something to say about fasting and it is primarily an inward attitude, not an external sign. It was taught that fasting for selfish reasons is useless. He used the proud Pharisees as an example of how not to fast. If you fast so that others will think you’re very spiritual, that’s of no value, He said. But if you fast “in secret” then God will reward you.

I suggest that if you decide to fast, ease into it, work with an experienced health professionals, read books on the subject by reputable authors, recognize signs of when to stop, share with others who have fasted and transition back to food slowly. Last but not least, view the fast as an adventure :)

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