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Your Health Is Your Wealth

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First Wealth Is Health

According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, "the first wealth is health" I can't agree more. If you are sick, fatigued, stressed, burnout and unfulfilled, no matter how wealthy you are, you are still poor.

My Father's Story

Let me share a cautionary story of what can happen if you have money but not health. My father was a very wealthy successful business owner. He worked hard to the point of neglecting his health. He became overweight and then got cancer. He spent his health gaining wealth, and then had to spend his wealth trying to regain his health. Unfortunately it was too late and his health went spiral down and he was not able to come back from it. Sadly he eventfully died of cancer. :(

Unlocking wealth is related to the parallel that exists between our holistic health and the material world. A balanced life is one that we keep all our projects going, all our relationships healthy, and all dimensions of health in order. In this chapter, we will focus on the five dimensions of health or pillars of well-being.

My Realization

Two years ago, after a coaching session with a client and as I reflected back on my father’s death and my early heart condition, when I suddenly got the prompting to take a "good hard look at my life and wellness." I took the health guide and journal that I use with my clients. As I sat there pondering how I had lived up until that point, and considering what I wanted my future to look like, I realized health and wholeness in my spirit, mind, and body really mattered to me, and that my mission is to help as many people as I can in as many ways as I can. So I had started the process by evaluating what I had achieved with my life in terms of my life goal and what I hoped to accomplish. In order to close the gap between who I was and who I hoped to become, I decided to take action to improve various parts of my well-being to fulfil that mission. I know only then that I could help more people even more effectively.

Health & Wellness

My personal ethos is that health is one of the real riches. An abundance of wealth is not worth anything unless you have health and balance. The foundational importance of everyday health is a most commonly known truth of human existence, and it is also one of the most commonly ignored. So what is health? I think it’s something that requires effort, but it’s an effort that is really worthwhile. If there’s one thing I can wish to you, it’s that you have great health!

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